Let Us Transport You to Luxury

Home to some of Aruba’s most stunning private beaches, Renaissance Island exists as a true tropical oasis. Whether you’re enjoying one of the private cabanas, pampering yourself at Spa Cove, watching wild flamingos roam, playing a game of beach tennis, or simply basking in the warm Aruban sun, Renaissance Island is sure to inspire a story worth sharing. Also here to give beachgoers a break from the sand and surf is the Papagayo Bar & Grill and the Mangrove Beach Bar. Besides being the perfect spot for blissful beach-goers, Renaissance Island offers a breathtaking venue for a wedding celebration or a romantic honeymoon escape.


Indulge in the comfort of our seaside cabanas where you’ll be treated to private, picture-perfect views of Aruba’s glistening shoreline. Each Private Cabana at Renaissance Island comes with 4 bottles of Voss water, a bottle of sparkling wine, refreshing food options, personalized butler service, towels, 2 water floats and 2 full-face snorkeling masks. The cabanas at Iguana Beach also come with kids’ snorkels and the end one with a water slide.


Dig your toes in the sand and unearth a tale worth telling as you revel in a truly unforgettable dining experience. Join us aboard our water taxi and get whisked away to a tropical paradise where we’ve reserved a shoreside table just for you. Here, you’ll find yourself swaying along to the gentle sounds of our live music as the first plates of your 4-course dinner arrive by your side. And whether you’re focused on the food or the company, you’ll want to capture every captivating moment. Private island dining every Wednesday night.


The white sands of Renaissance Island are already some of the most exclusive in all of Aruba, only accessible to the guests of Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino. Now, you can reserve these private shores for yourself and a special guest for a single night. After 7pm, Renaissance Island transforms into Lover’s Island—a scenic overnight destination with bountiful luxuries and secluded beaches hidden out of view from the outside world. So find yourself a cabana companion to cozy up next to, as you both discover what it’s like to have an entire paradise all to yourself.